Claudio Novella Rausell


Biographical Sketch

Claudio is a PhD fellow working at GenomeScan, an SME based in Leiden in the Netherlands. Originally, he comes from Valencia, a beautiful eastern city in Spain. His dream as a kid was to help people through research, therefore he decided to study Biotechnology in hopes of becoming a researcher.

During his bachelor’s degree, moved by his passion for mathematics and statistics, he had the opportunity to start coding and learn about data structures. In his thesis, he characterized the phenotype and genotype of Arabidopsis thaliana mutants in response to stress conditions. This period provided him with an extensive experimental biology toolkit in addition to a deeper knowledge in genetics and molecular biology. In light of his accomplishments, driven by his passion for computer science and numerical analyses, he decided to pursue a master’s degree in Bioinformatics abroad. He moved to Uppsala in Sweden, where he recently obtained his MSc diploma. During his master’s he had the opportunity to work with brilliant scientists that instigated his scientific curiosity even more, which made him want to follow the academic path. For his master’s thesis, Claudio worked in Prof. Villablanca’s laboratory, at Karolinska Institutet. Here, he applied and analysed cutting-edge single-cell RNA sequencing in a mice model of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. In addition to this, he also had the opportunity to implement a novel bayesian generative model for single-cell data, which allowed him to gain a more nuanced view of the biological processes governing the disease. Overall, this period provided him with the right background to embark on a single cell-focused PhD project within TrainCKDis.

Here, he will focus on studying Chronic Kidney Disease at the single-cell level in the context of multi-omics. He is passionate about data visualisation, machine learning and multi-modal data integration in general, and unsupervised learning and pattern recognition, in particular.

He considers himself a computer and technology geek, which explains how much he enjoys coding (here you can take a look at his side project: Outside the academic world, he is an amateur photographer (, saxophonist and a great film enthusiast.

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