Fabiola Terzi, Olivier Devuyst

Genetic insights into rapid kidney function decline

Published May 04, 2021


Gorski et al. report a meta-GWAS of rapid kidney function decline in 42 longitudinal studies from the CKDGen Consortium and UK Biobank, amounting to more than 270'000 individuals with two eGFRcrea measurements. They identified genome-wide significant variants associated with two indexes of rapid kidney function decline, involving genes with a high potential for causality. These data increase our understanding of kidney function and risk of disease.


Fabiola Terzi (Université Paris Cité) is the supervisor of Biagina Ruscica and Marta Falco

Olivier Devuyst (UZH) is the supervisor of Larissa Govers and Marta Mariniello

Related information:

PMID: 33745545

DOI: 10.1016/j.kint.2020.11.017

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