Secondment at EURAC Research

Published January 02, 2024


    If you want to know more about about Dianne's work, you can read a summary of her research project here.

    "Two weeks flew by so fast and now my TrainCKDis ITN secondment at Eurac Research’s Institute of Biomedicine is over. It was a fantastic and highly educational two weeks where I went from zero knowledge on Mendelian Randomization to performing it for my own hypothesis. I would like to thank my host, Cristian Pattaro, and everyone in the Biostatistics and Epidemiology group who not only welcomed me but also shared their own research and gave informational sessions: Giulia Pontali, Fabiola Cristina Del Greco Miglianico, Luisa Foco, Giulia Barbieri, Rebecca Lundin, Roberto Melotti, Martin Gögele and of course, Dariush Ghasemi. Who was very helpful and supportive and even took these photos of me.