TrainCKDis Workshop 9-10 DECEMBER 2020, online

Published January 18, 2021

  • On December 9 & 10, TrainCKDis consortium met online.

    This was this first meeting gathering the Senior Investigators and the newly recruited PhD Students, the so-called Early Career Researchers. We were supposed to meet in Paris, at Université de Paris premises. The health situation in Europe did not allow us to meet physically and like many other projects, we had to switch to a remote organization. 


  • Fabiola Terzi, our scientific coordinator, welcomed the ESRs and gave an introductory course on Chronic Kidney Disease. Indeed, the strength of the consortium lies in the fact that the PhD students recruited have different backgrounds, corresponding to their research projects. This introductory course allowed us to refresh the basics and bring everyone up to the same level of knowledge. 

    • Who are the ESR ?

      The European Commission through the Innovative Training Network (a tool Horizon 2020 Framework Program for Research and Innovation) funded the TrainCKDis project.  through. This allows the consortium to hire 15 PhD Students, called Early Career Researchers.

      The beneficiaries agreed on a common procedure to recruit the best candidates. We received many qualified applications, decisions were often not easy to make, but this allowed all the principal investigators to find the best student for the research projects.

      You can know more about the recruited PhD students here.

  • The first day

    After a quick presentation of the consortium and the scientific presentation about CKD, each fellow had the opportunity to present and talk about her or his research project. The presentation led to fruitful discussions between the Senior Investigators and the Juniors. You can find out more about the 15 research projects here.

    The Junior Research Board

    The Supervisors and 2 ESR representatives also had the opportunity to meet to discuss important matters. The important questions were concerning the next Workshop in Leiden and the Summerschool in Bolzano. Even if we do not know if we would meet physically, we have to start organizing the events. 

    The Junior Research Board

    The ESRs met at the Junior Research Board. During this two-hour meeting, they were able to discuss the role of the fellows in the consortium. This meeting was useful to talk about the communication of the project, the next events planned, and to elect the representatives of the doctoral students, who participate in the "Supervisory Board".

    The synergy between doctoral students is one of the main issues of TrainCKDis. The 15 doctoral students have overlapping research projects which allow the progress of the overall project. Thus, even if the situation did not allow us to meet physically, it is imperative to create a team spirit.