What is coming next?

Published October 06, 2022

  • Workshop on Imaginign Analysis

    Ariela Benigni will host a workshop on Imaging analysis at IRMFN premises, Bergamo, Italy. This will take place at the end of November 2022.

    he consortium meets two time per year around a workshop host by a beneficiary. These workshop are the occasion for the Early Stage Researcher to present their work and to have the feedback of all supervisors. We also take the opportunity of these in person meeting to schedule our administrative meetings: the Junior Research Board and the Supervisory Board.

    •  The Junior Research Board gather the students, this is the time when they can discuss about the consortium and the organisation of the main project.
    • The JRB is followed by the Supervisory Board, which reunites the Principal Investigators of the consortium as well as two ESR representatives.

    The second day is always dedicated to scientific sessions and trasversal skill. For Bergamo meeting, we will have:

    • Retarding renal disease progression: after 30 years of research is now an achievable goal
    • Quantitative image analysis of the kidney Tools for quantitative image analysis
    • The value of scanning electron microscopy in kidney research
    • Cyst and kidney segmentation in experimental polycystic kidney disease
    • Diagnostic imaging in patients with kidney disease Intellectual property rights in biomedicine

    And what about 2023 ?

    Our colleagues from Universitätsmedizin Berlin will host an event in April 2022 and our students will come back to Bergamo for a Summer School. 

    Stay tuned