Workshop, 24th and 25th November

Published November 22, 2021

  • On November 25 & 26, TrainCKDis hosted a new workshop.

    Olivier Devuyst, UZH, hosted an online workshop on Metabolism and CKD. We hope this will be the last time we have to see each other on-screen. 

    During the first day, we had the chance to follow ESRs presentations, which presented their first results. They led once again to fruitful discussions. All the Pricipal Investigators were present and contributed to the exchanges. 

    The morning of the second day was dedicated to administrative meetings. We organised a Junior Research Board which gathered the ESR and a Supervisory Board. The latter was a precious moment when the Principal Investigators met to have an overview of the past and think about the future. The project started almost 2 years ago and was rapidly hit by the pandemic. However, we managed to work together and organised 4 online workshops and two in-person meetings. Regarding the future of the project, there are several interesting things ahead of us. Next year, AstraZeneca will host a workshop and INSERM & Université de Paris the second Summer School of the project. Stay tuned for more details.

  • The afternoon of the second day was dedicated to the training of the students. The ESRs also had the opportunity to follow 4 training sessions: 

    • Statistics for planning animal experiments (Dr. Bernadetta Tarigan, UZH)
    • Intravital imaging of cellular functions in kidney health and disease (Dr. Milica Bugarski, UZH)
    • Zebrafish as a model of kidney disease (Dr. Zhiyong Chen, UZH)
    • Autophagy, mitochondria and function of tubular cells (Dr. Alessandro Luciani, UZH)

    For this last session, early career researchers from UZH joined us. This also led to interesting discussions. 

  • This meeting will hopefully be the last one we organised 100% online, as we are already planning the next workshop at AstraZeneca, in their premises at Goteborg. We will tell you more as soon as a date & an agenda are set. 

    This workshop will be focused on career development. Our young researchers will meet with researchers from the private sector (most of them are hired by public entities). Session with HR office are also planned as well as speed-dating interviews.