Workshop, 28th and 29th April, Leiden, Online

Published May 04, 2021

  • TrainCKDis consortium meets again, online. Dorien Peters (LUMC) was supposed to welcome the consortium in the beautiful city of Leiden, Netherlands, where LUMC is. Unfortunately for this second workshop, the first project event of 2021, we only see each other on-screen. The pandemic doesn't stop us and we were eager to work together.

  • This meeting was particular, as we also welcome 2 project officers from the REA for the midterm meeting. During this check, the representative of the REA reminds every member the rights of the ESR and obligations linked to the Grant Agreement such as the deliverables and the project implementation.

    Fabiola Terzi, our scientific coordinator presented the evolution of the scientific project. Clara Coquart, our project manager presented the implementation of the project, the deliverables we met, the training we implemented, and the communication activities.

    • Scientific presentations

      Once again we had the chance to follow ESRs presentation, which this time was focused on technique, method or strategy they are using. They led once again to fruitful discussion and our PO underline the presentation skills of our students.

    • Midterm check

      This midterm check is also the opportunity for the PO to have a private session with the recruited students, to chack their eligibility, and to discuss any issue they might have. This session is followed by a quick discussion between the project officer and the coordination team and feedback to all Principal Investigators.

  • The ESRs also had the chance to have 4 training sessions:

    • Presentation 1: Fair data-stewardship/data-management (Dr. Petra v Overveld, LUMC)
    • Presentation 2: Next Generation Sequencing 􀂲 transcriptomics (Dr. Susan de Kloet, LUMC)
    • Presentation 3: Metabolomics (Dr. Oleg Mayboroda, LUMC)
    • Presentation 4: Data Integration (Arie Baak, Euretos)