Dariush Ghasemi


Biographical Sketch

He is a researcher in Biostatistics based on Sari, north of Iran. He started his bachelor program in Statistics at the Department of Statistics, Faculty of Mathematics, at University of Mazandaran located in Babolsar, Iran between 2012 to 2016. He immediately pursued his post-graduate study for three years through a Master program in Biostatistics at the Department of Biostatistics, Faculty of Health, at Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences located in Sari, Iran. His great research interests focus on finding novel applications of nonlinear models including Artificial Neural Networks (NNs), Deep NNs, and (Deep) Reinforcement Learning in medical and biomedical fields. Vast applications of sophisticated statistical learning methods like Classification, Clustering, and Prediction in diagnosing of chronic conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular disease has led to achieve higher precision and accuracy compared to most empirical models when they encounter big data containing missing values, outliers, and major deviation from a normal distribution. He is now working on deploying these techniques aiming to build handy prognostic tools for a vast majority of the population.

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