What is coming next?

Published March 15, 2022

  • 2022 is TrainCKDis' third year of funding: The project started on January 1st, 2022. We managed to get through the pandemic and recruit our 15 amazing young researchers. During these two first years, we shifted all our consortium meeting & training events to online meetings. 2022 & the slow down of the pandemic mean for the consortium the return to face-to-face meetings. We are excited to organise the next meetings: 

    • A workshop at AstraZeneca
    • A Summer School in Paris, hosted by Inserm and Université Paris Cité
  • AstraZeneca workshop

    Scheduled on May 16&17, 2022 we are happy to be hosted by Anna Reznichenko & Dianne Acoba (ESR14) in Gothenborg, Sweden. 

    As initially planned this 2-day meeting aims to know more about careers in the industry and/or the private sector. The ESR will therefore meet AstraZeneca scientists and will ha to mix public and private sectors to create academia-industry future collaboration. We also plan to schedule sessions dedicated to career guidance with the AstraZeneca HR team.

    The ESR will soon enter the 3rd year of their PhD and we hope this event will give them closure.


    Summer School on Experimental models

    This event will be hosted by INSERM and Université Paris Cité.

    This Summer School provides participants with an overview of the most relevant experimental models and innovative tools for studying the complex pathophysiology of CKD progression. In parallel, the cellular and molecular bases of CKD progression will be presented.

    The speakers will be from TrainCKDis beneficiaries and partners as well as from Institutions with long-standing collaboration with the organizers

    A dedicated webpage will be published to organize the application process. This event is open to applicants from inside and outside the consortium.